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Coolbrook and Braskem sign agreement to ramp up investments to meet carbon neutrality target


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Braskem and Coolbrook plan to extended the cooperation by implementing a pilot project on an industrial scale

Coolbrook, a transformational technology and engineering company focusing on electrification and decarbonisation of heavy industry and Braskem, the largest polyolefins producer in the Americas, as well as a global market leader and pioneer producer of biopolymers on an industrial scale, have announced the signing of a cooperation agreement.

As part of its commitment to implementing new technologies and solutions that drive sustainable development and, especially, combat climate change, Coolbrook and Braskem will jointly implement a pilot project in which Braskem will assess Coolbrook’s technology on an industrial scale before introducing it in its crackers. The project ultimately involves the electrification of crackers by replacing the use of thermal energy derived from fossil fuel with electricity generated from renewable sources, which will help Braskem achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Besides eliminating emissions from the burning of fuels, Coolbrook’s RDR technology can increase feedstock flexibility and yields, while also contributing to energy efficiency compared to traditional cracking technologies. As such, the potential reduction of CO2 emissions at Braskem’s crackers will be around 2.5 million tons per year.

This initiative is linked to Braskem’s business strategies aimed at meeting the targets related to combating climate change. The company plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2030 and attain carbon neutrality by 2050.

“Braskem is one of the biggest chemical players in the Americas and this cooperation is a significant step in Coolbrook’s strategy to decarbonize the petrochemical sector globally. Braskem is known for its innovative culture and readiness to implement cutting-edge technologies, for example, in the production of ethylene from renewable raw materials,” said Joonas Rauramo, CEO, Coolbrook.

“Our ambition is to considerably reduce CO2 emissions and increase the sustainability of our products through innovation, in-house developments, and important partnerships. Coolbrook’s revolutionary RDR technology will help Braskem achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, significantly improving the energy efficiency of our crackers,” said Gus Hutras, Global Process Technology Director, Braskem.

Expanding the use of renewable electricity and renewable materials will enable Braskem to reduce its carbon footprint in the production of ethylene, propylene, and other chemicals.

“We are an innovative company that is always on the move in the pursuit of carbon neutrality solutions. The agreement with Coolbrook is yet another example of Braskem’s investments in disruptive technologies that significantly contribute to the achievement of our targets,” explained Jorge Soto, Sustainable Development Director, Braskem.

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