Together we can cut 300 million metric tons of CO2.

As a company, our vision is to bring our RDR technology, world leaders and industry leaders together to meet the biggest challenge our world has ever faced – the urgent need to drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

Bringing the world together to cut CO2

Our RDR technology combines rocket science, technical engineering and chemistry to turn one of the world’s most polluting processes into one of the cleanest. It is the only technology able to replace polluting, fossil-fuel powered steam crackers with an electrical solution that powered by wind and solar energy. By doing so, it literally has the power to cut CO2 emissions on one the most massive scales ever before seen.

But only if the world comes together to use it.

By sharing our RDR technology with the European Union, governments across the globe, and the world’s leading Ethylene producers, together we can cut CO2 emissions by 35 million metric tons a year by 2030 and 300 million metric tons by 2035. That’s an ambitious goal to say the least. But it’s a goal we must meet in order to ensure a future that’s sustainable for us all.


35 MMt elimination of annual CO2 emissions in the EU by 2030.


300 MMt elimination target of annual global CO2 emissions by 2035.

The Coolbrook team.

The Coolbrook team is made up of experts in rocket science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and more. Together we are developing the cleaner and more efficient technology that will drive the petrochemical industry and our planet forward.

Harri Johannesdahl


MSc (Econ.) Before entering petrochemical field, Harri had an extensive experience from telecom industry and technology start-ups. In 2012, he joined Coolbrook and has since led the development work of RDR technology while creating vast partner network for the company. Doing this he got to know petrochemical industry in depth.

Ilpo Kuokkanen

Executive Chairman

Ilpo is a visionary entrepreneur and founder of Coolbrook. His education is in law, and he is focusing on the vision and strategic plans of the company . He has been involved or led several successful venture capital investments. During internet revolution, he led the development of Saunalahti into Finland’s leading internet- and telecom company culminating in the IPO and later sale of the company in 2005 for €350m.

Veli-Matti Purola

Chief Engineer

Lic.Tech (Chem.Eng) Veli-Matti Purola has +30 years of indepth experience gained in process design of petrochemical and refinery processes in Neste Engineering Solutions and has been involved with RDR technology from 2011.

Tuomas Ouni

Senior Process Development Expert

Ph.D. (Chem.Eng) Ouni is in charge of the chemical process and analytical system development of RDR technology. Prior to joining Coolbrook, he was Group Expert of Hydrocarbon Technologies at Borealis Polymers. Ouni has almost two decades of experience in process development engineering.

Alexander Karpov


Has been responsible for several technical projects in Baikonur, the Russian spaceport. He was responsible of RDR proof of concept testing under inventor Mr. Bushujev. He is responsible of design, manufacturing and assembly of RDR Powertrain at Coolbrook.

Vladimir Bushuev


The RDR -reactor was originally invented by a hydrodynamic expert engineer, Mr. Bushujev. He played a vital role in the space race to the Moon and developed solutions for various needs for the Soviet space industry from 60s to 80s.

Denis Semenov

Lead Engineer

Ph.D. (Chem.Eng) Denis Semenov worked for Neste 7 years before joining Coolbrook at the end of 2018. He is working under CTO and is responsible for 3D modelling of RDR and simulations, and is involved in material selection of different parts of RDR.

The RDR development team.

Our RDR technology has the power to help the EU, governments, and Ethylene producers cut 300 million metric tons of CO2 emissions by 2035. But we cannot do it alone. We are already partnering with some of the world’s leading academic institutions and experts to validate and further develop the RDR technology and make this vision a reality for us all.

Liping Xu

Professor, University of Cambridge

Ph.D. (Turbomachinery) Liping Xu is a University Lecturer in Turbo machinery in Cambridge University. He has infinite knowledge about turbo machinery and vast contacts inthe industry. He is responsible for the RDR computer designs at Coolbrook.

Budimir Rosic

Professor, Oxford University

Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering) Budimir Rosic has been the main designer of CFD model for RDR technology and has a long career in top universities. He has won four ASME best paper prizes in the last 5 years and has won the prestigious ASME Gas Turbine Award twice.

Kevin Van Geem

Professor, University of Ghent

Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) Kevin Van Geem is a member of the Laboratory for Chemical Technology of Ghent university. Thermochemical reaction engineering in general and inparticular the transition from fossil to renewable resources are his main research interests.

Kari Enqvist


B.Sc. (Process Engineering) Kari Enqvist has been working in Borealis and Neste before starting his own consultancy Company ENQ-Consultancy. His main expertise is in furnace technology, boiler technology and boiler feed water chemistry related services.

The Coolbrook Board.

Our board of directors brings decades of combined experience, deep expertise and a proven track record of business leadership in a range of demanding fields.

Juha Räisänen

Non-Executive Director

M.Sc. (industrial engineering & management, computer science and mechanical engineering) Räisänen is an advisor for global private equity funds, a management consultant for global industrial companies, an angel investor, an entrepreneur and a board professional. He has more than thirty years of international experience. Juha has served as Senior Vice President at multiple global companies: Aliaxis, Kone, SanDisk, Nokia and ICL-Fujitsu

Ilpo Kuokkanen

COB, Chairman

University studies (Law) Kuokkanen has been the Chairman on Coolbrook since 2012 and he has been instrumental in developing the initial RDR innovation to the current stage of development. He has been involved or led several venture capital investments. During 1996–2001, he led the development of Saunalahti into one of Finland’s leading telecom companies culminating in the IPO in 2000 and the sale of the company to Elisa in 2005 for €350m.

Martti Malmivirta

Non-Executive Director

MSc (Econ.) Malmivirta spent 13 years with as Neste Group’s Corporate Vice President, Corporate Planning, and a member of the Neste Group’s R&D management group. He has worked as a business consultant since 1995 and he was the CEO of Eera Finland Oy and its predecessor A&L Management Oy from 1996 till 2007, and has been again since 2010. Martti is an adviser to top management and board of directors of several significant Finnish companies and public sector organizations.

Kari Ruokonen

Non-Executive Director

MSc (Econ.), Executive MBA Kari Ruokonen has over 30 years of commercial experience in Global Olefins and Olefins Feedstocks businesses at Neste Chemicals and Borealis (1986 -2003), in Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Currently he is the Managing Director and Chairman at Periotech, an independent trading company in interregional olefins trade.

Eugene Jaffe

Non-Executive Director

MBA from Harvard, MSc (Finance), MSc (Econ.), Eugene Jaffe has over 25 years of international top management, investment banking and private equity experience. Recently he has worked as CEO of Neqsol (2016-2018) and CEO & Chairman of Salford Capital partners (2001-2015). He has successful proven track record from entrepreneurship, leadership of large complex businesses, deal making, execution and value creation for shareholders.