The Coolbrook Company

Coolbrook’s novel RDR technology empowers the petrochemical industry to do better – for themselves, for our planet, and for future generations.

Coolbrook’s mission.

At Coolbrook, our mission is a cleaner, more sustainable and profitable way to produce Olefins, the key component in the production of plastics, packaging, textiles, coatings, cosmetics and more.

To make this mission a reality, we have combined our knowledge of rocket science, mechanical engineering and chemistry to develop a technology that significantly enhances the part of the Olefins production process that creates the highest amount of carbon emissions: steam cracking.

The current furnace technology has reached its limits in efficiency and sustainability. Coolbrook’s revolutionary RDR (Roto Dynamic Rotor) technology replaces the current furnace technology with a cleaner and more efficient alternative that increases Ethylene yield and profitability while significantly decreasing CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

We believe that RDR has the power to be the new global standard in Olefins production. This is certainly an ambitious goal. But we are confident that – like us – our industry is ready for new innovations and change. RDR is the solution that petrochemical producers, governments and environmental regulators, technology providers and people need – and it’s already heretoday.

Meet the team

The Coolbrook team is made up of experts in rocket science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and more. Together we are developing the cleaner and more efficient technology that will drive the petrochemical industry and the planet forward.

Harri Johannesdahl

CEO, Director

Ilpo Kuokkanen


Veli-Matti Purola

Chief Engineer

Alexander Karpov


Vladimir Bushuev


Denis Semenov

Lead Engineer

Kari Ruokonen

Non-Executive Director

Martti Malmivirta

Non-Executive Director

Aaron Michelin

Non-Executive Director

Eugene Jaffe

Non-Executive Director