The RDR pilot program

To demonstrate and further develop our technology and broaden our partner network, we are building an RDR pilot unit at the pioneering sustainable petrochemical hub, Brightlands Chemelot Campus, in Geleen, the Netherlands. The year-long test period will kick off in the first half of 2020.

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During the two-year pilot program, a pilot reactor and auxiliary equipment will be built to further demonstrate and confirm the technical aspects of this new technology.

In addition, we will also be building a specialized partner network as we prepare to ramp up to commercial production, creating RDR design software, and demonstrating the technology to players in the petrochemical industry.

The location of pilot is at Brightlands Campus in Geleen, Netherlands.

Verifying the reliability of the reactor

One of the key objectives of the pilot is to study coking in order to assess the effect that RDR’s process conditions have on coking and how they differ from the traditional cracking process. Because of its shorter residence times and higher temperature, RDR is expected to be less prone to coking than conventional furnaces.