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Coolbrook and Brightlands sign cooperation agreement


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Coolbrook Communications

We have signed a cooperation agreement to build a pilot unit at the heart of the petrochemical industry ­– the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen, Holland.

To further develop our technology and broaden our partner network, we are pleased to announce that we have signed a cooperation agreement to build a pilot unit at the heart of the petrochemical industry ­– the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen, Holland. We have agreed to begin our cooperation with a pilot pre-study and project consulting.

The Brightlands Chemelot Campus is home to a number of innovative pilots involved in Olefins processing. With over 3,300 of the world’s leading experts in engineering, modelling, operations and maintenance, the Chemelot Campus is the best possible place to test and develop our RDR technology and our partner network.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Brightlands Campus and be able to use their facilities to demonstrate our RDR technology,” says Coolbrook CEO Harri Johannesdahl.

He also described three important factors for choosing the Brightlands Campus, including its location in the heart of the petrochemical industry in Europe, the valuable expertise, technical competencies and services that will support the pilot’s success, and its position as the chair of the Cracker of the Future Consortium, which is seeking new CO2-free cracking technologies.

Bert Kip, CEO of Brightlands, is also looking forward to the collaboration.

“Coolbrook’s Rotodynamic technology is one of few viable solutions for the greenhouse gas​ emissions, replacing the burning of fossil fuel with renewable electricity as the energy source.​ This transformational technology is now ready for the next scaling step, and we at Brightlands​ Chemelot Campus are very proud to have been selected as the location for this exciting step,” he says.

Coolbrook is on a mission to help push the petrochemical industry towards a cleaner and more sustainable future that will benefit people and the planet – in both the near and farther off future. We look forward to collaborating with our partners at Brightlands to help us develop the RDR technology that is positioned to make this future a reality.

Coolbrook Ltd. is a Finnish engineering company on a mission to create a cleaner, more sustainable and profitable way to produce Olefins, the main component in the petrochemical industry and the production of plastics, chemical products, packaging and more. Coolbrook’s Roto Dynamic Reactor (RDR) is a revolutionary technology that combines space science, turbomachinery and chemical engineering to replace the current inefficient and polluting steam cracking methods used to make Olefins with a radically cleaner and more effective alternative. Backed by a growing number of governments, petrochemical producers and environmental regulators, Coolbrook’s RDR technology is set to become the new global standard in Olefins production.

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a world-leading innovation hub for smart materials and sustainable manufacturing. It is a vibrant community for performance materials, sustainable processes and biomedical solutions aimed at solving some of the biggest and most pressing global challenges and supporting sustainable living.